Are You Ready To Transform Your Business, Turn Around, Grow and Create Sustained Value …………….

But ...

………… you find yourself constantly putting out fires, juggling cash, continually putting money into the business and frustrated at not being able to realise the true potential of the business. You find it difficult to unchain yourself from the business to be able to grow and create sustained value.

In fact, it seems, as the Company grows, other issues start to show… the necessity to keeping winning enough work to keep the “the beast alive”, employees making costly mistakes, customers not paying, HR issues, Suppliers stopping credit due to cash flow – the list goes on and on.

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The Key is ...........

…………. to bring in a set of expert eyes (A Business Advisory or a Management Consulting firm) who are removed enough away from the business, but have LIVED experience and the expertise to run and see a business as a whole and not just individual functions within a business.

Having a Business Advisor or Management Consultant with REAL business experience, who has been through your challenges. And can provide you with realistic and tangible business advice, tools and systems giving you the confidence to overcome challenges with sustained direction and focus.

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Here’s What We See…………….


The need for Holistic Business Expertise is becoming ever more critical and prevalent in successful organisations. No two businesses are ever alike, albeit operating in the same industry sector or niche. Specialised experts, such as, Accountants, Lawyers, Marketing Guru’s and Business Consultants working independently of each other and the business stakeholders often lead to structures and strategies out of sync with the organisation’s objectives and goals. This is becoming more and more evident as businesses with a good arsenal of independent professionals are struggling to survive. This fight against past analysis and patching of numbers alone almost always leads to uncontrollable downward spirals and forced liquidation. We believe, an inside out approach working from the core of the organisation that brought in relevant professionals where needed ultimately leads to business success.

We Help You Succeed through Holistic Business Improvement, Turn Around and Transformation.

Developing and Implementing Strategies, Structures and Systems to facilitate Sustained Business Growth!


Taking a “Whole of Business” approach, we will work with you through your immediate challenges, concerns and needs, stabilising cash flow constraints causing crisis before delving deep into the Key Areas That Drive Sustainable Business Growth.

Together we will work on each key area of the business, where appropriate, and EVERYTHING in between; ensuring solid systems are in place, aligned and in sync for your business to run in unison and grow sustainably.

  • Strategy

  • Structure

  • Finance

  • Products & Services

  • Customers

  • Suppliers

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Procurement

  • Production & Processing

  • Distribution & Delivery

  • Pricing

  • People / Human Resources

  • Performance & Reporting

  • Technology

  • Industry Relations

  • Research & Development

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Here’s Where We Can Help…………….

Strategic Turn Around & Growth

We understand the pressures of not being able to perform at your optimum due to constant cash flow strains limiting the potential at the early and growth phases of a venture helping you make strategic decisions with more clarity.

Strategic Turn Around & Growth

We understand the pressures of not being able to perform at your optimum. We will work with you to:

Identify Where your Business is NOW

Identify Leakage

Design, Develop and Implement a Strategic Business Plan

Start-Up & Commercialisation

We identify with the culture and mindset required to Take Innovative Ideas to Market and work with you on a Clear, Concise, Tested and Robust Roadmap; using a Stage Gate approach, increasing efficiency and minimising time to market.

Start-Up & Commercialisation

We work with you on a Clear, Concise, Tested and Robust Stage Gate Roadmap; minimising time to market and increasing efficiency:

IdeaProof Of Concept

Product Development & Business CaseTesting & Validation

Production & Market LaunchGrowth

Investment & Funding

We deploy funding across the whole spectrum of the capital stack, supporting Project & Property Developments, Strategic Turn Around & Growth and Start-Up & Commercialisation Initiatives.

Investment & Funding

We deploy funding across the whole spectrum of the capital stack, supporting:

Project & Property Development

Strategic Turn Around & Growth

Start-Up & Commercialisation

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Here’s How We Create Value…………….

Situation Overview

...... Explore Coffee & Chat
  • Review
  • Analysis
  • Overall State & General Direction
  • Service Requirements

Strategy & Direction

  • Detailed Review
  • Analysis & Opportunity Identification
  • Direction Evaluation & Assessment

Crisis Management

  • Formulation of Immediate Strategic Options
  • Stabilisation of Cashflow Constraints Causing Crisis
  • + Strategy Planning & Execution

Strategy Planning & Execution

  • Strategy & Direction +
  • Roadmap Structure & Planning
  • Roadmap Implementation & Monitoring

Continuous Improvement

  • Strategy Planning & Execution +
  • Development of Management Reporting Dashboards
  • Leadership & Management Coaching and Mentoring

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Service with Ethical Integrity.

*Our Understanding, Drivers & Giving Back…………….


We are wary of the conditions under which Distressed and StartUp businesses operate and encourage dialogue over your specific requirements.

If You are still unsure about whether engaging a Business Advisor or a Management Consultant is going to be worth it?

Stop Procrastinating! Book a free Strategy Session where you will be able to tell instantly if it is worth the investment.

If you are worried about the cost, the first item on the agenda is to figure out where you are unnecessarily losing money and cut away any dead wood. With the subsequent savings, this Exercise in itself will cover any fees so you don’t have to worry about additional costs.

This way we can get on with making the business better, sooner. Getting started is as simple as getting in touch to discuss specifically what’s holding you and your business back, and what we can do for you.

Our focus lies in your success which enables us in fulfilling our core beliefs and passion:

7% of all our profits go directly towards supporting education initiatives in developing and under-developed nations..