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Founded in 2000 with a passion for entrepreneurialism and venture building; we have strived to be a trusted partner over the years. Supporting transformation, turnaround, growth, startup & commercialisation initiatives.
We work with progressive business leaders –  execuitives, founders, entrepreneurs, CEOs and business owners. Unlocking true potential and the information needed to make clear decisions. Through strategic business design frameworks and personal advice and guidance. Filling the gap between great ideas and growth.
Built on a foundation of professional excellence, conscientious integrity and empathetic value-adding service. Our aim is to support entrepreneurs build enduring business ventures. Stable, sustainable, scalable & sellable businesses. Driven by a tried and tested framework of strategies, structures & systems.
Which is in sync with their Core Purpose. The culmination of committed Vision, Mission & Values. As they seek to understand, improve and maximise the value of their businesses. And the impact that they wish to make on the community, society and the environment at large. Both personally and professionally.

Our Purpose

Lies in your success enabling us in fulfilling our  values, mission and vision.

Our Philosophy

Clear Strategies, Robust Structures and Effective Systems.

Our Promise

Collaborative service, support and integrity without compromise.

Never By Yourself

Support when you need it …


Ketan continually surprised me with the breadth of knowledge he possessed in various disciplines – from his field of study, to management and leadership skills directing a Vision; a truly strong business sense in the ability to grasp the ‘bigger picture’. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.

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