Advisory & Guidance

A voice of reason

when you are at



Unbiased, unambiguous, unfiltered advice and guidance – ensuring we work on things that move you & your business forward faster.


A Structured Approach

Address bottlenecks and identify opportunities

Adopting the SSS Business Design© framework principles, models and tools to help define your core objectives and goals. Providing all stakeholders a cohesive direction and focus.

Our goal, wherever you may be in your business lifecycle, is to move you forward. Without over analysing the past. Not knowing where to start. Fighting against and patching numbers alone.

Especially if you are endlessy juggling cash – robbing “Paul” to pay “Peter”. Relentlessly competing – racing to the bottom & pricing yourself out of business. Constantly fighting fires that drag you into chaos.

Disruption | Direction | Decisions


Finding direction amongst chaos

Focused Advice & Guidance

Make informed choices with expert personal support

Advice & guidance that is multi-faceted but laser focused on what matters and the impact you want now. Moves the needle on behalf of your stakeholders – your customers, employees, suppliers, partners and shareholders. Accelerates your reputation as industry leaders. And challenges you personally.

With you in control of the duration and pace, we will discover and share insights as we unpack 9 critical modules. Each module is designed to test and inform clarity on strategies. Integrity of your business structures. And the effectiveness of systems that run the business.

Together we review and consolidate – allocating more energy to solve deeper obstructive issues. Giving adequate time in between to digest and start making informed decisions.


Ideas Processing

Processing ideas through filters that verify problems, challenges, opportunities, trends and fads they address.

Targets Identification

Identifying & defining target markets through pains, frustrations & challenges they face as they perform a desired job.

Value Creation

Creating value-based solutions and delivery mechanics that allows for simple but effective positioning.

Strategic Alignment

Aligning stakeholder direction & expectations through articulation and communication of your core values, mission, vision & impact.

Structural Pillars

Understanding the 3 core pillars supported by the 9 key functional areas that keep the your business ticking & structurally sound.

Operational Mechanics

Simplifying operations to a 1-page workflow driven map that ensures accountable, reliable and predictable outcomes without resistance.

Performance Benchmarks

Introducing dashboards to monitor indicators that track your performance from the perspective of the 9 external forces.

Offer Stacking

Optimising, packaging & stacking value-based offers that accelerate marketing & sales cycles and extends customer life-time-value.

Future Proofing

Ensuring all components that make your business profitable have clear strategies, sound structural integrity and robust systems.

A Holistic Approach

… combining your commitment with a clear pathway and full support.


Business | Advisory | Capital | Management | Executive …

Support when you need it !

The compassionate yet candid and practical approach to all aspects of business is an invaluable support mechanism for us – it contributes to the success of our startup. Ketan’s knowledge, around corporate governance, IP protection, corporate structure, partnership agreements and much more, is not only insightful, but impacts and helps shape the journey we are on.

Optimisation & Scale

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