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Build an Enduring Business Venture driven by …


Trusted Business Frameworks

Business Design

Regardless of the type, size & stage of your business; the SSS Business Design© framework unpacks principle business fundamentals and models for you to take the guesswork out of:


  • Designing & validating ideas and opportunities with clear market-driven strategies
  • Building momentum with robust foundational corporate and organisational structures
  • Optimising for growth with simple but effective & efficient  workflow-driven systems

Reliable Support Structures

Advisory & Guidance

A support structure combining your commitment with clear unambiguous advice & guidance. Paving the path for you to make informed and timely business decisions that:


  • Enable stable & profitable growth. And “stop the constant cashflow juggling – robbing Paul to pay Peter”.
  • Differentiate you from the competition. And “stop the race to the bottom – pricing yourself out of business”.
  • Attract & retain a high performing team. And “stop the daily fire fighting activities – dragging you into chaos”.

Leveraged Funding Solutions

Capital Solutions

Fulfil inventory needs, expand marketing reach & build resource capacity without premature equity dilution. Utilising a leveraged funding approach to pursue growth & scale opportunities that allows you to…


  • Identify & design the most appropriate growth structure for your business.
  • Device & implement a funding plan aligned with stakeholder expectations.
  • Prepare, position & pitch a clearly articulated value-driven proposition.

A Holistic Approach

… combining your commitment with a clear pathway and full support.

Transforming the way you view & approach business permanently!

Business | Advisory | Capital | Management | Executive …

Support second to none …


You cannot help but be in awe of the in-depth understanding across all levels of business. The ability, in particular, to view beyond the now and the confidence in the level of advice and guidance can only come from lived experience. Ketan has transcended from business advisor to more of a mentor to me.

Start Up Structure & Funding Advisory

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