Capital & Funding

Not all money is

created equal


Fulfil inventory needs, expand marketing reach & build resource capacity. Without premature equity dilution. Adapt a value-based approach to get funded – leveraging traditional and hybrid funding solutions to grow & scale.

The Value Gap



Outcome X Probability

Risk X Sacrifice X Effort X Time


A Practical Approach

Value-based capital raising

As the availability of business funding and capital raising options expand – What options and instruments to use? And when? Become the next obvious questions.

Critical for growth and scale is to attract the most strategic investment, stakeholders and partners. Capital that accelerates progress and expands the horizon.

Aligning and staging capital raises for value levers gives you the best chance for sustained growth as your business evolves.

Key to a successful fundraising outcome is the unambiguous depth, detail and delivery of your proposition.

A culmination of carefully identifying & defining the business needs, aligning funding options & instruments with stakeholder expectations and generating appropriate channel investor interest & demand.


Business Growth & Progression Roadmap

Define needs

Detail and explore your progression roadmap with the objectives and outcomes you seek to achieve.

Articulate the business needs at consequential milestones through the lens of strategies, structures and systems. Utilising the three core pillars prescribed by the SSS Business Design© framework.

Clarify and document a view of your business’ resource needs at each stage defined in terms of – why; what; who; how; and when.

Funding & Capital Raising Plan

Align expectations

With a sound understanding of your business needs and progress roadmap, identify the most technically appropriate funding & capital raising options and instruments accessible to you.

Match with the most likely allied partners and stakeholders within the eco-system.

Device a capitalisation and fundraising plan to align with stakeholder expectations.

All in the Pitch Deck

Generate interest

Informed by the funding & capital raising plan, prepare, present and position a clear, confident & controlled pitch and proposition.

The essence of a good pitch to generate interest is derived from a well researched & documented opportunity assessment, a feasible & executable operational plan and an understanding of tactical success drivers.

This takes shape in the form of a business plan – encompassing a strategy plan, go-to-market plan, marketing & sales plan, operations & infrastructure plan, corporate & financial plan, scenario modelling and related risk, legal, compliance and regulatory documentation pack.

A Holistic Approach

… combining your commitment with a clear pathway and full support.

Transform the way you approach business permanently.

Business | Advisory | Capital | Management | Executive …

Support second to none …


Whether it’s about what work to prioritise, or how to frame our investment discussions, Ketan’s hands-on expertise and insights have been incredibly helpful to us. His advice and assistance as we implemented our first SAFE note, was instrumental in helping us obtain our first angel investment, achieve our first R&D tax incentive rebate, and qualify as an Australian ESIC company.

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