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Entrepreneurs who wish to contact Moksh should fill out the online form below. Moksh recommends reading the ‘Investment Criteria‘ section on this website to ensure that Moksh’ project and investment criteria are understood and met. If you are unsure or require further information please email or include as much information as you can on the online form.

All submissions are treated with the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed without your permission. Moksh will not disclose any information to third parties without your permision.

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A Word on Non-Disclosure Agreements

We respect the sensitive nature of new ideas and inventions. Our reputation is critical to our success, so we are careful not to divulge information inappropriately. However, for legal reasons, we are unable to sign non-disclosure agreements before you present your basic idea. We prefer that you send us non-confidential information at first, until we determine if there is mutual interest. If there is mutual interest and our diligence activities require signing a non-disclosure, we will work with you to assure we maintain confidentiality.

For entrepreneurs who are concerned about protecting their idea, Guy Kawaski has an excellent summary of NDA’s in this article from Forbes magazine.