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The SSS Business Design© framework is an organised set of proven, fundamental principles, models and tools. Designed to prepare you for what you can’t predict.


The SSS Business Design© framework

A transformative approach

The SSS Business Design© framework looks through the lens of Strategies, Structures & Systems with an emphasis on creating, delivering and capturing value. Developed by business owners & entrepreneurs who have lived through the path you are on & where you intend to go.

It is intentionally structured to address 9 key functional areas that drive the 3 core pillars of business. Supported with extensive business design advisory & guidance, the framework is experienced and implemented in 3 clear Step-by-Step phases. Design, Build & Optimise. Leveraging easy to use models & tools calibrated precisely to your current business lifecycle and intention …

Start Up Straight

… for early stage businesses looking to take Ideas to market with clarity & confidence. Navigate the startup landscape to design and build a stable, sustainable & scalable business venture.

Step Up & Stay Up

… for businesses looking to build & maintain positive & predictable revenue, profits, cashflows, income and growth. Gain control, transform & turnaround with tried and tested frameworks, models & tools.

Scale Up Right

… for businesses focussed on growth and accelerating progress with sustained bottom-line results. Leverage practical growth tools to capitalise on growth opportunities and enable funding.

Problem Solution – Verification & Validation – Promotion


Design your business with tried & tested fundamental business principles, models and tools – without the guess work, overwhelm and ambiguity to ensure consistent & sustainable growth.
An intuitive & easy to follow S9 business model validation© framework to:


  • Device cohesive market, values & capability driven Strategies
  • Align your purpose, vision, mission & values for focus & Clarity
  • Design a feasible, clear & executable plan that ensures Stability

Solution Product – Develop & Delivery – Product


Build robust foundational support pillars and an infrastructure that can stand the test of time – without the anxiety, uncertainty & frustrations caused by internal weaknesses and external threats.
A robust SSS business builder© addressing the 3-Core Business Pillars to:


  • Deploy solid Structures across all 9 Key functional areas
  • Build and secure a firm, defendable market position with Confidence
  • Ensure resilience & Sustainability against threats from external forces

Product Market – Metrics & Measures – People


Optimise for growth and scale maintaining consistent high performance, productivity and efficiency – without the chaos, panic & stress from the lack of control that form unnecessary “bottlenecks”.
A simple 1-Page Workflow-Driven Optimisation© Roadmap to:


  • Easily deploy effective and intuitive Systems without resistance
  • Enable a self directed & culture-driven Control mechanism
  • Affect initiatives that shifts the business to Scale and Grow

A Holistic Approach

… combining your commitment with a clear pathway and full support.


Never By Yourself

Support when you need it …

We really like your structured approach and the practical understanding of issues we deal with on the ground daily. Not just the end of period financials and compliance. A sigh of relief after years of search to have an experienced professional by our side. Ketan, thank you for your continued support.

Transformation & Growth

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