Cookie Policy


Moksh is committed to protecting client and user information. This section is intended to provide comprehensive listing of the cookies used on Moksh’s websites and how these cookies can be rejected or deleted.

What information is collected?

Moksh employs cookies provided by Google Analytics, and Woopra in order to monitor user activity which helps us to understand how our users interact and use the site. This is done by using both “session” and “persistent” cookies. These cookies enable us to track visitors to the site and are used to recognise new and return visitors. Both Google Analytics and Woopra generate anonymous statistics in relation to the site and each creates reports on the site which are stored by them. Cookies are not used to identify visitor’s personal identity

How do we use this information?

IP addresses of visitors to Moksh’s websites are logged for administration purposes. The IP address indicates the location of your computer on the internet, whilst this location information is usually confined to a visitor’s originating country or city, it may identify users to a company or organisation. This information may be aggregated to provide statistical information about the users of our website. No individual user will be identifiable from such information, which is solely used to ensure the website reflects the needs of users. IP addresses are not used to track your session and are not linked to anything personally identifiable.

How to control and delete cookies

Moksh does not use cookies to collect personally identifiable information about visitors. While users can limit and/or block the cookies provided by Moksh websites through browser settings, doing so may impact on your experience of Moksh’s websites, either now or at a future date.

More general information about cookies and how to restrict them can be found at You will also find details about how to delete cookies and set individual browsers to reject them automatically.

Moksh also uses a number of third-party companies, who apply cookies on our behalf, to provide additional services in order to evaluate use of the website and compiles reports for us on this activity.

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