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Thank you so much Ketan, we are very grateful and fortunate to have met you. Applying your key insights through the SSS Business Design© framework has been pivotal in identifying the vital strategies, structures and systems we need for our business. Helping us develop a business that is highly efficient, strategic and results driven. We have been able to rapidly improve our systems and processes, build new skillsets within our team and make vital decisions that align with our values.

Strategy, Structures & Systems


Ketan continually surprised me with the breadth of knowledge he possessed in various disciplines – from his field of study, to management and leadership skills directing a Vision; a truly strong business sense in the ability to grasp the ‘bigger picture’. It would be a pleasure to work with him again.

Med Tech Start Up, Commercialisation & Funding


The compassionate yet candid and practical approach to all aspects of business is an invaluable support mechanism for us – it contributes to the success of our startup. Ketan’s knowledge, around corporate governance, IP protection, corporate structure, partnership agreements and much more, is not only insightful, but impacts and helps shape the journey we are on.

Optimisation & Scale


We really like your structured approach and the practical understanding of issues we deal with on the ground daily. Not just the end of period financials and compliance. A sigh of relief after years of search to have an experienced professional by our side. Ketan, thank you for your continued support.

Transformation & Growth


You cannot help but be in awe of the in-depth understanding across all levels of business. The ability, in particular, to view beyond the now and the confidence in the level of advice and guidance can only come from lived experience. Ketan has transcended from business advisor to more of a mentor to me.

Start Up Structure & Funding Advisory


Ketan is one of the most genuine people I have come across in business. He takes a meaningful approach to helping others. He has always given the best advice and elevate my understanding of business strategy and growth. A multifaceted business expert I am proud to say I know.

Strategy, Capital Optimisation & Scale


Whether it’s about what work to prioritise, or how to frame our investment discussions, Ketan’s hands-on expertise and insights have been incredibly helpful to us. His advice and assistance as we implemented our first SAFE note, was instrumental in helping us obtain our first angel investment, achieve our first R&D tax incentive rebate, and qualify as an Australian ESIC company.

Startup, Capital Raising & Investment

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