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Strategy, Management & Operational Advisor & Consultant - Implementing and Supporting - Transformation | Turnaround | Growth | Commercialization | Investments | Corporate Restructures | Innovation | R&D initiatives. Ketan Shah is a Business Advisor, Mentor, Coach, Management Consultant and Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in Strategy Planning, Portfolio Management, Performance Measurement & Management, Project Management, Business Process Improvement and Private Equity. He is especially passionate about Business Optimisation and Leadership through Strategy, Structure, Management, Operational Planning & Implementation for transformation, turn around, growth and commercialisation Initiatives. Ketan is the creator of BOSS the Business Optimisation Strategy Structure Model® and BOSSS the Business Optimisation Strategies, Structures & Systems Program® from his “in the trenches”(and sometimes “by the skin of teeth” risky) endeavors and experiences.

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