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Strategy, Management & Operational Advisor & Consultant - Implementing and Supporting - Transformation | Turnaround | Growth | Commercialization | Investments | Corporate Restructures | Innovation | R&D initiatives. Ketan Shah is a Business Advisor, Mentor, Coach, Management Consultant and Entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in Strategy Planning, Portfolio Management, Performance Measurement & Management, Project Management, Business Process Improvement and Private Equity. He is especially passionate about Business Optimisation and Leadership through Strategy, Structure, Management, Operational Planning & Implementation for transformation, turn around, growth and commercialisation Initiatives. Ketan is the creator of BOSS the Business Optimisation Strategy Structure Model® and BOSSS the Business Optimisation Strategies, Structures & Systems Program® from his “in the trenches”(and sometimes “by the skin of teeth” risky) endeavors and experiences.

How Much Funding Should You Raise and When?

Whilst this age-old question is too important for a simple answer and considering the constructive tensions at play from both sides of the equation; where entrepreneurs want ownership and control, while investors want a return on their investment or capital. The simple answer is: “raise no more than you need” to reach a specified [...]

How to Develop Business Systems: A System for Business Systems Per Se

Whilst we have identified some core benefits of developing Business Systems in the article Business Systems: 8 Core Benefits of Developing and Following Them; for businesses which have a strategic mission and vision aligning all stakeholders, put simply the beauty of developing and following business systems is the ability to withstand the test of [...]

Business Systems: 8 Core Benefits of Developing and Following Them

Systems are a derivative or even an extension of a Business’s Strategic Plan. Systems are the way you do things. They are the procedures and processes that can be replicated. Effective business systems can be created for all kinds of work performance that occur in your organization. As you formalize your systems, the time you [...]

Is Your Business In Trouble? 10 Warning Signs and How to get Back on Track

All stakeholders share the risk when a business is spiraling down. Directors, however, have fiduciary responsibilities which they are obliged to accept when they sign up for duty. In cases of corporate failure, they face added accountability if the Courts, administrators or liquidators’ step in and evaluate their role leading up to crisis. The [...]

The 2 Most Valuable Documents as you Approach Investors for Funding

As you now understand the dynamics of the different ways to fund your business from the article - Demystifying Funding – A Thought-out Business Funding Strategy and the fundamentals of Getting Investment Ready from our previous article lets delve into the Preparation of Investor Materials. There are two key documents that you will need [...]

Getting Investment Ready

(serving the needs of your most important stakeholder/s – your potential investors and their expectations) So, you have a business idea or a running venture that you know has the potential to grow if you had the money to spend on expanding it. You know and understand the dynamics of the different ways [...]

Demystifying Funding – A Thought-out Business Funding Strategy

Businesses need funding at some point in the lifecycle, whether it is a Start-up requiring starting costs or an ongoing business requiring growth and working capital. Whilst funding is crucial, sourcing enough money can be difficult. Funding commonly comes in form of debt or equity. Let’s attempt to look at understanding the options for funding [...]

Going It Alone Vs Leadership Under Advisement

Whilst we see business carnage and carcasses all around us, it only makes sense to unequally and strongly argue FOR Business Under Advisement rather than Business Under Administration. The latter, as most would know, has consequences which we dare not attempt to ink here. With that in mind and a good understanding of the [...]

5 Vital Steps to Resuscitate Your Business

As usual, the temptation is filling the article with a lot of business jargon, like Turnaround, Cashflow Management, Change Management, LEAN structures and so on and so forth. Whilst all that is important, where does one start when you are in the thick of things. You know “Cash is King”, you know you should [...]

How Do You Approach Strategy Planning in Today’s Agile Business Environment?

Strategy Planning may seem like pointless wishful thinking in the face of relentless technological change, disruptive forces in most industries, competition under a shrinking global community and the hunt to seek out differences. Business operations and competitive landscapes are experiencing change at an ever-increasing pace. As a result, “agility” is fast becoming the new [...]